Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Weekend Projects

Have you ever gotten into a project that seemed like a great idea, only to find it’s a bit more complicated than you thought?  Andrew and I are re-doing our bathroom.  I planned to paint over the weekend and we did it together, which was great.  We love the color, but we didn’t love the carpet on the floor.  We decided on Saturday to take out the carpet and place tile…ourselves.  We made a couple of calls and it really didn’t sound complicated, so we headed to the tile store.  We forgot our paint chip (of course!) and so only had the paint that was still on my hands.  After checking out lots of tile and finding that our favorite options were $6-9/sq. ft., we opted for a much less expensive but nice tile.  The man at the counter asked us about the tools we would need and as we responded with a negative to just about every single tool, he added it to our bill.  Yeah, the project ended up being a bit more than we originally thought…also typical of last minute projects. :)  We went home and pulled up the carpet and pad, removed the staples, nails etc., and thought we would be able to do more.  Not so.  Andrew realized that the floor isn’t quite level.  So now, we are trying to determine how serious this is.  I think he’s got a plan. :)  So, we have a ripped up bathroom with beautiful paint and a bedroom with all of the bathroom stuff in it.  I love weekend projects! :)   Now which weekend will it be done?


Kevin & Amy said...

Yeah, we have carpet in our master bath, too, and I pretty much hate having carpet in the bathroom.

That's great you guys are gutsy enough to do your own projects! Kevin's good at that ... I'm not so much.

Catherine said...

Y'all are so hardcore!