Thursday, August 03, 2006


Yesterday I saved our family $27.86.  $27.86 in unnecessary, uncalled-for expense.  It may not seem like much but to me it was a huge amount.  How did I do it?  (C’mon, you know you were going to ask!)  I stood up for myself!  This is an accomplishment in and of itself…I’m usually non-confrontational and too embarassed to make my voice heard.  I think it’s been since my birthday in life has just been different, I must be getting older.  I’m no longer afraid of others and what they think of me (okay, to an extent)…especially people who don’t know me and probably will never see me again (I’ll make sure of that :)).  Here are the two stories from yesterday:

Story 1:  KINKOS
We had our passport pictures taken for our visas a couple of weeks ago.  They were rejected because the people taking them evidently don’t understand the purpose of the lines, size, and general requirements for the pictures.  They asked me if they were okay when we first went in and I said they were fine IF they fit the requirements.  (Side note: don’t advertise a service you can’t provide)  I was furious…this is the 2nd time I’ve had this happen (CVS was the 1st).  

Yesterday, I walked into the same Kinkos store and the conversation went something like this:

Me:  My husband and I had passport pictures taken here a week or 2 ago and they were rejected.  I’m very upset because we are trying to get visas and this is very stressful.  They did not send the pictures back so I have nothing to show you.  I need someone to re-take them that know what they are doing…I cannot come back for this again.  (the clerk that initially helped was looking at me like I was the biggest you-know-what)

C1:  (Silence looks over to C2)

C2:  I’ll take them myself.

Me:  Thank you.

C2:  Come on over here. (I followed her and scared C1 came along shortly)

C1:  Do you have the receipt from before?

Me:  No.  I can come back with it.

C2:  (looked at C1)  It’s okay, I remember them.  It’s fine.

Me:  Thank you.

C2 took the picture (twice!) and Andrew’s picture (he walked in after the drama) and thanked us for our patience.  No charge!   For the record, I did not remember the lady but the guy who had done such a bad job before walked up to the passport area and said… “You came back for more?”  Me, “They didn’t work last time.”  He didn’t say another word.  :)  And for the record, I thanked them very kindly for making it right!  

Story 2: WAL-MART

I picked up 2 boxes fresh raspberries for $1.98 each.  They rang up at $2.98 instead and the conversation went like this.

Me:  Those were $1.98.

C:  Um…do you want a price check?

Me:  Yes, I do.  The shelf said $1.98 and I don’t want them if they are $2.98.

C:  (looked around)  I’ll do it myself.

Me:  Thanks.

Several minutes elapse.

C:  They are $2.98, the sign is wrong.  (she takes them off my bill)

Me:  The sign said $1.98 so you will give to me for that price right?

C:  No.

Me:  Your sign was wrong, so I think you need to give them to me for the advertised price.

C:  Do you want me to check with my manager?

Me:  Yes, I do.

Everyone behind me in line was really happy with me as the cashier left again.  She returned a minute later and silently put in $1.98 for each. :)  She should have known her manager would make her…my theory is, she didn’t think I would push it. :)   Come on, how are they going to charge you more than what the sign says…she should know better.

That’s all for now folks, I’m on a roll.  Yah best not mess with me! :)


Josh said...

Way to take it to "the man" Alaina! Don't let "the man" get you down!

Rachel said...

Go Alaina!!!!!!!
You so rock and I'm VERY proud of you!
Love ya,

Jeremiah said...

Oo! You go Alaina! Just don't come to Chick-fil-A. You'll scare the fresh-meat workers. lol

Way to go! Andrew, you should be proud. *sniff*

Jen said...

You go girl!

Hopefully we can connect on the phone over the weekend? I would love to talk to ya!

Micah & Brad said...

Wow! I really can't believe the cashier thought Walmart, of all places, would argue over $2!!!! She had to feel really stupid! Whatever happened to "the customer is always right"???

Jen said...

Heheheh... Alaina I love it :) you make me laugh. They'd best be listening to what you have to say fo sho!