Saturday, August 12, 2006

Of Painting Progress (indoors)

     Clear back in February (see entries for Feb. 17 & 18), Alaina wrote about an HSN purchase, a new bedspread for our room.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to use it until we repainted our room.  (What?  You think the blue and brown of the bedspread go just perfectly with our light green/dark green colors?  Sorry – you’re outvoted by those who really matter to the decision.)
     Well, today while the bookcase parts were being painted outside (see below), Alaina was painting the walls of our room a beautiful chocolate brown and a light blue (with just a little help from yours truly).  Now with over half the room done, it looks amazing and so much better (and brighter!) than before.  We can’t wait to finish and use our new bedspread!  (And yes, we’ll try to post before and after pictures if possible!)


Jeremiah said...

Yes, the colors would clash and you could never be able to go to sleep because of the distraction it would cause. Very smart. heh heh ^_^

Jen said...

sounds beautiful....

any news on traveling yet???