Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Of Reading Restrictions

     Last night as I removed books from our old bookcases to make way for the new, I pulled out a few here and there that I thought looked like good ones to take for reading material on our trip to Kazakhstan.  After just a short time I had a pretty good sized pile, far more than I could realistically take.  

     With that in mind, I had to laugh as I read the list of items allowed on board one carrier in addition to one’s carryons: “Reasonable amount of reading material for the flight.”  Even if they allowed for the fact that reasonable people could have different definitions of “reasonable,” I doubt my stack would make the cut!

“Sir, that is far too many books to carry on.”

“But, but, I read fast, and this is a long flight, and…”
“Sir, I’m sorry, but you’re just going to have to limit it to four books.  No more.”

“But only four is certainly not reasonable for a 14-hour, trans-world flight…”

Please sir, you’re holding up the line.  Now quickly just pick four and leave the rest with me.  I’ll make sure you get them when you deplane.”  (Yeah, right.)



Jeremiah said...

lol That's hilarious. What a situation!

steph said...

Isn't is strange that when you prepare to travel you suddenly decide you're going to read so many books (and the ones you haven't been reading at home) and yet you know the time won't be there? I have this trouble far more frequently than I should. However, I'm always afraid I might just run out of reading material. Oh my, what a conundrum for readers. :)