Saturday, August 12, 2006

Of Bookcase Progress

     I’ve been meaning to write about the great time and great progress we have had building our fence this summer.  Like last year when several family members and the young people in our Bible Study helped us build our deck, this year we had at least ten different people help us with our fence.  But that topic needs an entry all of its own, and those helping deserve a huge thank-you!
     This evening I’m thankful for help with another project – our built-in bookcases.  As I wrote some time ago, we’re building built-in bookcases to help relieve the pressure on our overflowing bookcases.  I made a lot of progress on the new ’cases when I first started, but with everything else the project has languished, especially this last stage: painting and assembling them.
     Today, however, my folks came down and helped me paint.  Applying lessons my mom learned working with my brother as he finished furniture and my dad’s painting skill, we spent about six hours or so painting the various parts of the ’cases.  
     Tonight the floor of our garage is hidden by drying shelves and side panels, but almost all the painting is complete.  Hopefully some night next week we’ll be able to start assembly!  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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Jeremiah said...

I miss Bible Study... I didn't even know about the fence. *sniff*