Monday, August 14, 2006

Of Mascots and Injuries

“Adrian McPherson got a bruise. He got ran over by the mascot so I don't know what to do. We go to play the Titans . . . we shouldn't have to worry about the mascot and the other stuff going on.”

-- Saints head coach Sean Payton in his post game press conference. I haven’t seen footage of the incident, but apparently the Tennessee Titans' raccoon-like mascot, T-Rac, hit McPherson with a golf cart as the Saints’ backup-quarterback walked onto the field for the second half! Apparently T-Rac was driving the golf cart while simultaneously throwing items into the stands.

After reading the quote above, I wanted to learn more about the incident, but especially T-Rac. Details on the former are limited; I couldn’t find much more than I related above. But I found a number of interesting photos of T-Rac (a stuffed version
here, and T-Rac in his chariot in the photo to the right; surely this isn’t the “golf-cart” he was driving?), as well as a fascinating “biography.” I wonder how much of this is based on fact! (You can read more here):

Acquired: T-Rac’s path to become the mascot for the Tennessee Titans has taken some interesting and crazy turns. His parents, who are from the Great Smokey Mountains, moved to Centennial park in Nashville when they heard the Titans were coming to town. T-Rac was born in the Parthenon and he grew up hunting ravens and jaguars along the Cumberland River while watching the Coliseum being built. T-Rac’s dream was to live and play in the Coliseum. His dream almost didn’t come true when he was run over by the Titans Bus saving his sister while he was on his way to the first ever scrimmage at the Coliseum. The burly T-Rac escaped with only a broken claw and a smooshed fluffy tail. T-Rac and Titans owner Bud Adams became friends almost immediately. He was offered a job changing the light bulbs in the big red things above the Coliseum because T-Rac was the only one fearless and crazy enough to take the job. Eventually the Titans wanted a mascot to represent the team and state. The Raccoon, after all, is the official state animal of Tennessee and T-Rac’s goofy and energetic antics made him the perfect fit. When he was offered a three figure signing bonus he accepted, was delivered to the stadium with much fanfare, and the rest is history.

Platform: To stop hit and runs on all Raccoons and get Raccoon crossings at all major highways and Interstates (especially near the Coliseum)

Offseason: Pizza delivery (until he got fired for delivering only empty boxes). He now does appearances for his many fans throughout the Mid-South.

Personal: T-Rac is single and resides in Nashville inside the Coliseum's North Scoreboard. He can be reached for appearances by calling (615) 565-TRAC (8722)


Jeremiah said...

The hit and runned have become the hit and runners?

tom said...

Man, if McPherson can't get out of the way of a deranged mascot in a golf cart, how's he going to dodge those massive linebackers or defensive ends ready to take his head off? :)

Andrew said...

Tom, I understand your point, but I have a feeling it's all about what's expected - you know to be watching for blitzing linemen, but not rabid coons!