Saturday, July 05, 2008

Living Without AC

We've been enjoying the beautiful and mild weather this spring and early summer. It's unusual for it to be July and this mild. We've turned off our air (we used it a few times in May & June) and opened our windows! We hope to see a lower electric bill and we love to conserve energy. Even when it is 80+ degrees inside, the breeze has made it feel much cooler. We are drinking lots of water, spending most of our day downstairs where it is cooler and where we get better air circulation and I allow the boys to run around in just shorts (they love it!). I'm trying to limit the use of the stove and oven so as not to increase the temperature inside. I'm hoping we can leave it off for a little longer and continue to acclimate ourselves to a warmer temperature. Maybe we can leave the A/C set at a higher temperature when we do finally succumb to leaving it on. In the mean time, we have a greater appreciation for nature and enjoy the peaceful evenings with a gentle breeze lulling us to sleep.

**I should mention that on the recent rainy days we've turned it on due to not being able to use the windows and the resulting humidity in the house.**


Paula said...

Thats great. Hopefully it will be a good feeling when you open the power bill. Ours is half the price than it is winter.

Monica said...

I commend you. It has been nice to have the option of throwing open the windows or putting a fan in the window at night. I must confess, though, that I love AC and become very grumpy without it.

CityStreams said...

Impressive! And you're also helping out the environment by reducing your energy consumption. Way to go!