Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vacation Misc.

I'm sitting here trying desperately to focus on the work I need to get done before baby #3 makes his arrival. I have deadlines yet can't seem to form coherent words. Nothing like working on vacation - we've both been doing that. :) It has been such a joy to visit with friends we haven't seen in years and family that we rarely see - that is one of my favorite parts of this conference/camp. It comes around only once every four years and we try hard to make it. This is the first year for us to have kids (and for many in our peer group) - it makes it a bit more challenging but still totally worth it!

I'm super impressed with the campus this year. They are working hard to be more eco-friendly. They even have cups made from corn and disposable spoons made from potatoes. They boast using local ingredients and hormone-free milk. Impressive on a college campus!

The boys are doing well for the most part. Patrick seems to be potty training himself this week (that would pretty much be a highlight for me!). They aren't too sure about their class - we've had one successful day and couple not so much. :) We'll see how tomorrow goes. I'm hoping this will prepare them for preschool since it starts in about a month.

I'm working on a list (based on much of what you all shared!) of things that I need to find/purchase when we get home. I'm sure it will be a busy few weeks but this is my labor of love as we anticipate welcoming him to our family.

I really should get back to work - amazingly it's not doing itself. I'll try to write more interesting posts one of these days :) - I'm afraid I've been a bit pre-occupied! One note, we LOVE our camera! It's awesome!


Heather L. said...

Glad your camera is working well! Camp sounds fun! that's impressive that they try to be eco-friendly! Preschool is going to be well-timed for you this year! You're going to need a few hours with just the baby! Found that file and will get it taken care of.

Jodee Leader said...

Enjoy your vacation! I plan to shop for your new baby boy soon! Thank you for sending me your address!

Mary said...

Something I keep thinking about and meaning to share with you. About the baby carrier (I know this comment is in the wrong post, but anyway), I have heard from other mom's that the Ergo with the way it is designed is good if you have a bad back. Moms have said that they can carry up to a 30lb child in it without their back starting to hurt. http://www.ergobabycarrier.com/
Just thought I would put my two cents worth in :^)

Barbie said...

Glad you are enjoying your vacation, work and all! Of course you are walking on air so everything is great right?

Can't wait to see pics with your new camera.

Alicia said...

Blast, I'm sorry we didn't get to sit down with your camera. It was great to see you though and meet you in real life!