Wednesday, July 02, 2008

WFMW: Get Out of the Kitchen!

Recipes with 5 ingredients or less is the fun theme for this week! I don't have very many recipes with so few ingredients but my husband loves these sandwiches for a really quick supper. Other quick things we enjoy are grilled chicken over mixed salad greens, bean & cheese burritos, and pastas with quick sauce (marinara, pesto, or cream).

Need other ideas for quick meals, click on the picture!

Ham & Cheese Melts

2 slices sourdough bread
2-3 slices deli ham
1-2 slices swiss cheese
2 tsp. honey mustard

Butter outside of bread. Top bread with ham, cheese, and honey mustard. Cook sandwich in griddle over medium heat until cheese is melty and sandwich is hot (5-8 minutes). Makes 1 delicious sandwich. Serve with pretzels, carrot sticks, and grapes or strawberries for a quick dinner.

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Alicia said...

Those sandwiches sound delicious!!