Sunday, July 06, 2008

MPM: 7/7-7/12

It's that time of week again...planning dinner. We did pretty well last week and the flag cookie (in honor of the 4th!) turned out great! We harvested the first of our green peppers today (2) and the first of our green beans yesterday (3 beans :)). I can't wait for everything to be ready - especially the tomatoes and zucchini. So, here's the plan for this week:

- Grilled Steak w/Bleu Cheese Butter, Baked Potatoes, Salad, Fruit (our date night in)
- Chicken Stir-fry, Brown Rice, Egg Rolls or Wontons
- Fish w/Orange Sauce over Sauteed Greens (Kale, Beet or Mustard Greens), Couscous Pilaf, Fruit
- Vegetarian Pizza, Jello Jigglers, Carrots & Cucumbers, Fruit (our family night)
- Chicken & Veggie Kabobs, Corn on the Cob, Mixed Green Salad, Fruit

I think I'll leave it at 5 meals - we'll have leftovers, eggs, or tacos for other meals this week. Feel free to check out my recipe blog, ask questions, or leave ideas! And as always, thanks to Laura for hosting MPM every week!


Sandra said...

Sounds Yummy!

Have a wonderful Monday!


Menu Plan

mubeimmik said...

I love how your flag cookie turned out! Your menu looks really good, have a great week!

Dara said...

I never thought to make my own egg rolls -- that sounds delicious!

Kristi said...

Great menu, great flag! Have a blessed week.

Muriel and Jerry said...

That sounds yummy. Wanna come to my house and cook?

Kiy said...

Your cookie turned out fab. I am thinking, since we had to skip the 4th this year ... maybe I will just declare this upcoming weekend the holiday weekend and try that cookie. Too tempting, yum! Your week looks great too but I was really heading on over to see that cookie (mmmm chocolate).
Have a fab week, Kiy

Erica @ Cook Quick Easy Recipes said...

Nice menu. The fish with orange sauce sounds good.