Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Monday

We had a very productive weekend - yay! We are still working on things but it feels great to have actually gotten some things done and our room is looking SO much better. I think I slept better just knowing that.

Andrew is off today for a family day to begin celebrating Calvin's birthday (which is actually tomorrow but he has school then). We are all excited! Last year it was gorgeous, warm, and sunny - this year, not so much. :)

Calvin's big request was to go to the "Donut House" - a favorite local bakery. So, the first stop will be there. He LOVES donuts and I'll admit, these are pretty amazing.

So, I'm off for a day of fun with my favorite people in the whole world. Pictures, birthday post, and more to come this week! Have a wonderful Monday - I'm not usually a huge fan of Mondays so today will be a great change of pace! :)


BRiehl said...

sounds like a wonderful Monday! Hava great time!

Smith Family Blog said...

As good as the doughnuts from the Krispy Kreme in WPB? :)

liz nelson said...

we've discovered that we have a long's bakery very close to us here on the southside. this could be dangerous.:)
hope you guys had a lovely evening out!