Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Taking the Night Off

Tonight is my night off. :) Andrew has been working a lot already this week (til midnight both of the past nights), so tonight he is doing the bedtime routine and caring for the kids. I made dinner and now I'm headed out to do some grocery shopping - I can't believe I'm actually excited about it. It's been a long first part of the week with Ty's teething and little boys testing boundaries. I'm looking forward to a few hours of alone time - well, my sister is going with me. The boys asked why I was going and I told them that I loved them, so I needed to go out for a little bit. :) They accepted my explanation and are so happy that Daddy is home that I won't be missed much. So I'm off for a night on the least a break. :)


Monica said...

You know you need a break when... browsing at the grocery store is the highlight of your week. Been there. Glad you were able to get out.

Rona's Home Page said...

I remember when my husband and I would skip to the grocery store. It was our entertainment for the shopping.