Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Camping Out"

Last week, for spring break, I combined several of the ideas into one fun day. :) The weather wasn't very nice so we set up camp inside. We "roasted" marshmallows on forks over our pretend fire (I missed getting a picture of it) and made s'mores. I set up the tent with sleeping bags and pillows and got the boys' camp chairs out. I popped popcorn and the watched Wall-E - all in the middle of the day. I think they had a good time! Here are a few pictures:

These two are tight and she loves all the attention.

Cheesing for the camera in his camp chair.

The "campsite." You can see the "fire" in the lower left corner.

The tent - ready for "outdoor" fun!

Pippi thought it was so comfy and great. :)

Thanks for all the great suggestions. I've tucked several away for future use! I'm pretty sure I'll need some creative ideas for this summer!

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Jodee Leader said...

What a blast! That is the perfect spring break day! Cute pictures!