Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Calvin's 4!

Dear Calvin,

Can you really be 4? It seems like yesterday that you came into our lives and forever changed them for the better.

Calvin, you are an amazing son. You are affectionate and sweet. Every time you tell me that you love me, I melt even more. I love every single hug and kiss. And I love that you still like to sit on my lap and cuddle.

You have worked so hard this year on speech and wow, you have come such a long way! Your dad and I are so proud of you. You are learning so much at school and your teacher tells us you are doing well. You are artistic and creative and still a ham. Just recently you have really started to tease us and make jokes. One of your highest compliments is, "Mom, you're p[f]unny." Your eyes are constantly dancing with mischief.

This past year, you visited the beach for the first time and loved it! You also helped us welcome your baby brother and have excelled even more as a big brother. I love hearing the pride in your voice as you tell your friends, "This is OUR baby."

I am still in awe that God chose you to be our son. I cannot imagine our family any other way. I love you forever and always, no matter what.

Happy 4th Birthday, Calvin!



Jenna said...

Happy Birthday Calvin! No doubt he is in the perfect place.

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Calvin!

Jodee Leader said...

What a sweet post! Happy Birthday, Calvin!

Margaret said...

I still remember Steph, Liz, and I on our way home for Canada, mentally groaning at every rumble strip Papa Leo drove over. It seemed like he couldn't drive any slower, and we just wanted to get home and see our newly arrived nephews.

Happy Birthday, Calvin! I love you so much!

Mama10EE said...

Hope Calvin had a SUPER birthday! He is such a handsome guy.

Jean Marie Bibby said...

What a fun birthday!