Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Place for Everything

Today is tackle the bedroom and clothes day. :) It's gotten out of control between busy-ness and illness. Thankfully, the older boys were invited over to a friend's house this morning until nap time. I'm so excited that we will have several hours to work uninterrupted (well, except for the baby :)). Warm weather always puts me in the mood to do some deep cleaning. I think I'm about to finish the clothes switch and just be done with the winter clothes. I'll leave out a few outfits but that's it - perhaps it will force the cold weather away.

Amvets is coming next week and I hope to have a big pile of donations for them. I love that they pick it up! Tuesday is Calvin's birthday so I know there will be plenty of new things coming in the door which means we need to de-junk first.

I've written many times before about the struggle to stay organized and it's just that - a constant struggle. In my ideal world everything would have a place and be in that place but in reality it pretty much never happens that way. :) I don't function very well in the mess and disorganization and I find myself often overwhelmed. So, while I do make progress and I did start the year strong, it's tough to keep the momentum.

I think the most difficult part is that I'm the only one in the house that has very strong feelings about organization. :) In a house with three boys, a dog, and two adults, it doesn't take long for things to spiral out of control. Sometimes, I'm pretty sure I'd like to cut our living space by 2/3s just to downsize and seriously consider what we need and use. I think it would be a great excercise. But for now, I'm going to lobby hard for donating items, eliminating papers, and finding a place for everything. Anyone need a car toddler bed?


Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog - it keeps us linked to the family on a regular basis, which is a good thing.
I have been particularly interested in your struggle for organized, green living. Great to talk about, difficult to accomplish at times.
In 2000 I bought a used book called Living The Simple Life, by Elaine St.James. It was just what I needed for inspiration to "Simplify". Uncle and I have continued to use the philosophy in this little book to live a less cluttered and more productive life. We wish you well in your pursuit!!
Love you All,
Aunt Jude & Uncle Franke

Smith Family Blog said...

I am totally with you. I am a person who wants everything to have a place and be in its place-- but between children and a lack of time, you would never know it if you walked in my house!

Catherine said...

I'm in the same boat about keeping organized, and I'd love to downsize too! I'm on the fence about having a garage sale this year or just taking everything to Goodwill...

Brooke said...

I can totally understand your frustrations about keeping the house organized. It just makes you feel better when everything is in it's place ;) Amvets must be busy because they are coming by my house too. Keep up the good work.

Rona's Home Page said...

I see I'm not the only person who can relate with you.
In a house where I'm the only female organization and cleaness are not their priority.
I also get overwhelmed with the mess and disorder.
You're doing a fantastic job. And remember that they're little only once.