Friday, July 02, 2010

Festival Fun

I'm completely disappointed that I forgot my camera last night! We took all of the boys to our town's festival - it's put on by the Lion's Club is always the week of the 4th. This year, the big boys were old enough (and brave enough) to enjoy the rides even more. Last night was wristband night, so we let the boys have wristbands and bought a few tickets for Ty. It was so fun seeing their eyes light up as they went from ride to ride and the huge smiles were delightful! I love being a mom but some things make me enjoy it extra amounts and their joy at this "treat" was one of those moments.

Titus was a bit jealous that he wasn't big enough for very many of the rides. :) He rode the carousel and the train a few times each. It was super cute.

We had dinner before we went but enjoyed sharing a bit of fair food - some cotton candy, lemon shake-up (from the "lemon house"), ear of corn, and some potatoes. Delicious.

Anyway, it was a wonderful evening filled with smiles and laughter. I love making memories with my family!


Margaret said...

That sounds awesome. I'm sad you forgot your camera too. Just wait until they're big enough to bring to Holiday World! :)

Nash said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. Bummer about the camera, I would be upset too.