Thursday, July 29, 2010

Patrick Turns 5!

I can hardly believe that Patrick turns 5 today. What a wonderful gift he is to our family! I wonder if his birthmom thinks of him today - I know I think of her and feel deep gratitude for her giving him life. And I wish I could tell her what a beautiful, responsible, delightful, precious son he is - maybe she somehow knows (I hope so!). I just love my son!

Dear Patrick,

You have been eagerly anticipating the day you would turn 5. You carefully planned the menu and cake and you have beamed from ear to ear every time we talk about your big day. It's been so fun to watch though it's bittersweet as I see you growing up so fast.

It seems you have grown so tall this year! You are adorably handsome (even if I am a bit biased!) with your dark eyes and hair and very good looks. You are so particular about what you wear and choose the most comfortable clothes in your closet - sport shorts and t-shirts. I love that you humor me and dress-up a little more when we are going out but only after asking, "Can I change back into this when we get home?"

You finished preschool and did well! You made so many friends this year and it warms my heart to see how much you care for them. I can't believe how much you like letters and numbers - you are so ready to read and write and you ask me how to spell things all the time! And your artistic side has definitely emerged as you color pictures, draw, and paint. You can hardly wait until kindergarten and I'm looking forward to us spending lots of time learning together this fall!

Patrick, you are such a great brother. Both of your brothers love you so much. Sweet boy, you bring so much joy to our lives. I love your stories, your company, your responsible help, and your excitement about food and cooking. You are so affectionate and cuddling with you is so fun whether we are talking, reading, or resting. And I like the way you scratch my back and always make sure that I like precious.

This week I overheard you proudly tell a friend that you were born in Kazakhstan by pointing to the flag on your shirt and explaing that you were born there. And my heart overflowed to hear how you embrace your heritage - a heritage that we love! What a blessing that God brought you to us from halfway around the world! We love you so much and feel incredibly blessed that we were chosen to be your parents and that you are a part of our family!

I love you forever and always, Patrick. Happy 5th Birthday!

Love, Mommy 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us peek in on your special letter. What a special day of remembrance and reflection on God's providence. You're not too biased - he is an adorable big boy :). Happy Birthday, Patrick. You are a joy and a delight to all who know you.

Love, Micah

JennaN said...

I don't think your biased either... all of your little ones are adorable!
Happy Birthday Patrick... I too can't believe you're already five!

Monica said...

Happy Birthday to Patrick!
You love him so well, Alaina.

liz nelson said...

happy birthday patrick! your letters to the boys always make me cry.:) these pics are adorable too and definitely express his personality.

Mama10EE said...

What a beautiful letter, clearly direct from your heart. He's such a great kid and I am so glad that he had a good day.