Tuesday, March 28, 2006


It’s official…I’m not a sushi fan. I’ve tried various kinds and I don’t care to eat it again. That said, if you serve it to me, I will be polite and choke…I mean eat it.

I just went to a super fun sushi class. It’s a blast to make – it’s like an art form and I would definitely enjoy making it again. I’m trying to decide what I don’t like about it and here’s the list so far:
  1. Texture

  2. Seaweed

  3. Flavor

  4. Texture
Here’s the other big thing, you eat the whole thing in one bite. Wow, it’s just way, way too much. I ate a crab one and had to convince myself I could chew it and swallow it and keep it down. Even the vegetable ones leave a bit to be desired. It just doesn’t seem like much of a delicacy. I can’t believe people pay so much for it!

My final thought is this: Do people actually like the taste of sushi or is it just trendy? After all, it’s a very cool word and makes you sound very sophisticated.

Oh well, I can’t lie, it’s just not my thing!


Catherine said...

Are you kidding??????????? I love sushi! (not the raw pieces of fish, that's actually called sashimi, I like the seaweed/rice rolls described in the post) Although I am of course TOTALLY sophisticated (ha ha), I liked sushi before I knew it was trendy. Does that make me cool like people who were fans of bands before they made it big? Because I liked Better Than Ezra before they made it big when they only played little DC hole in the wall places when I was in high school so maybe I'm DOUBLY cool, but I digress. I've liked sushi since we lived in Korea. They don't have sushi there but they have a very similar thing called kim-bahp. The best is putting TONS of that shaved ginger on it. YUM. If y'all make sushi and don't want to eat it, just give me a call and I will bat cleanup. :)

Jen said...

Kudos on the post...I as well dislike sushi. YUK!

Micah & Brad said...

Well, I hate sushi too. Not because I've tasted it, and dislike the taste. Just because I dislike the theory of it, and never will taste it :o). How's that for open-minded!!!

Josh said...

I love my wife and she can make sushi any time her heart desires....but she'll be the only one eating it. I still think she's cool though...and very sophisticated! :)

Kevin said...

Well, it's too bad that you don't like sushi. I have become quite the fan and I was hoping to find some sushi buddies when we move back to Indy since Amy doesn't like COOKED seafood, much less raw seafood. Maybe we can become friends with Catherine and Josh and go out with them. Then Catherine and I can order sushi while Amy and Josh order teriyaki chicken or something. ;) Except I also like sashimi, as long as it's served right.

I do have to admit, though, I tried a sushi roll with eel once and didn't care for it. Blah!

Andrew & Alaina said...

Catherine...I'll make it for you any time, seriously, it was a blast to make!

Jen...let's always stick with normal food! :)

Micah...you should at least try it. You never know you might even like it...or not!

Josh...Your wife is very sophisticated and awesome, after all she's lived almost everywhere! :)

Kevin...if Amy doesn't eat it, where are you eating it? I love cooked seafood! I hear there is a great sushi restaurant in Broadripple and there is also one in the building I work in. Yeah, we won't be joining you for that. :)

Catherine said...

I think we should have an exotic foods potluck party. Everyone could bring something interesting that they like but maybe other people don't. No chefboyardee or white bread sandwiches allowed!

Andrew & Alaina said...

Love the idea, Catherine. I'll definitely work on a date for that! That would be sooo fun!

Kevin said...

>>> I'll definitely work on a date for that!>>>

Make it for May, and we'll join you guys. :)

Andrew & Alaina said...

Kevin, will do. How about mid-May, our house? :)