Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Captions & Prizes

I haven't been much in the blogging mood lately - it's not for lack of ideas, perhaps just a little burnout. So, today there will be prizes. :)

I will offer pictures and you give the caption. If you write the winning caption (Andrew and I will choose), I will send you a prize. You may write a caption for one or all of the photos - just make sure you say which ones you are entering! How's that sound? I'll let you know the winners on Saturday - there could be as many as four. This is unrelated to Bloggy Giveaways...it's just for you, blog readers, lurkers, happened byers, family and friends! Be creative and make me laugh! :)




#4 - I may regret this :)


Brian and Raendra said...

Picture #3: "Did you see my Mommy in picture #4?"

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

I saw in your profile you like to write? What exactly? I am an Christian curriculum editor and am always looking for new writers.

Rona's Home Page said...

#4 Let's see if we can get a better TV signal.

Jenny S. said...

#1: Whaaat? Did somebody say something?

#2: And now I will demonstrate my corndog eating technique. Watch and learn.

(Brian and Raendra already got #3 so I won't even try)

#4: "I AM America's Next Top Model."

Alaina said...

I received these submissions via e-mail!

#1 (Spoken at the family table): "I'm ready. Bring out the next course!"

#2 "You toucha my corndog, I breaka your fingers!"

#3 "I should have told the waiter to hold the jalopenas."

#4 "Yes, I gave up my day job for this."

Thanks for bringing a smile to our day.
Catherine & Christina

Jen said...

#1: "What? Do I have something on my face?"

#2 "The corndog is really the rarest of meats and should be paired with a glass of pinot noir to really release the flavor" (said in a very snooty voice)

#3 "Your going to stick THAT, WHERE?"

#4: "In the spirit of going green, I am going to see if I can conduct electricity"

Jenna said...

Alright... so I'm not sure mine are truly captions so much as commentary (some are a little long).
1. The food goes in my mouth?
2. Oh... you only wish you looked this good eating a hot dog!
3. A direct response to picture #4.
4. I have three children under the age of four... so yes, this is a good hair day!

The Schrage said...

#3 Titus just saw the Colts record for the first time this season.

Anonymous said...

#1 Ate what... I didn't eat anything...

#2 AHHH the bliss of on exquisitely prepared tube steak...

#3 I don't care what you say THAT IS NOT MY MOMMY (in picture #4)

#4 I think my "tin man" costume went bad somewhere along the line...

Loved the PIX Dad J ;-)

Anonymous said...

alternate caption for

#3 HEY how about a WARM washcloth for the next diaper change...

Dad J

Anonymous said...

#2 "Corndog eating is an exact and precise art that requires the proper face and proper handling of such a delicate and delightful processed meat form. Watch, learn, and always remember handle with care."


Anonymous said...

#3 "WOWZA!! My family consists of a Lawyer, a crazy lady, a future food critic, and a future makeup artist!! I shudder to think what I am gonna be!"


Mama10EE said...

Oh my gosh, some of those captions are HILARIOUS! I think the best one for your exquisite picture is the "I have 3 children and this is a good hair day" caption. How funny. It WILL be hard to choose. I am not even going to try. Just enjoying the imagination of others.

Anonymous said...

#4 Yes this is my sister and yes this is her usual look. :)


stephanie said...

1. Who? Me? I'm pretty sure you got the wrong guy.

2. I told you I liked these. (said in that duh sort of way that only Patrick can pull off)

3. I wonder if anyone notices I have bad gas.

4. Infomercial announcer: "Great news, Ladies, in just five simple steps, you too can look like this!

My World (. . . as it happens) said...

I tried to skim through the comments to make sure I was not "copying" anyone. If I did - I aplogize . . . .

#1 - "Mom, you think I look pretty, don't you . . . ?"

#2 - "yes, I enjoy a corn dog . . . dosen't every boy?"


#4 - What, you think I look this way naturally?

Barbara D said...

#1 - Do I look like mommy?

#4 - 3 boys - no wonder my halo slipped!

barbara d. said...

#2 Life doesn't get any better than this!

#3 I can't believe my big brothers would do such a thing!

I posted these earlier, not sure why, but they didn't post.