Monday, October 20, 2008

6 Random Things

My cousin Leslie tagged me to share six random things so here it goes!

1) Asian food is hands down my favorite despite the fact that I didn't like it as a kid. It's totally my comfort food - the spicier the better. :) We enjoyed an awesome ecletic Asian cafe in Chicago this summer (on another note, Calvin requested that we go to Chicago today :)). Anyway, I highly recommend Tamarind if you are ever in Chicago (south loop). P.F. Changs is my favorite chain around here and I have my favorite hole-in-the-wall take-out, too.

2) My favorite outside the home job ever was at a living history museum. I still do a little work for them but nothing like the 5-days a week every summer job. :) I loved dressing up and cooking over the hearth or wood stove. Butchering day was one of the best days! I made lifelong friends and I will always remember with a smile our totally fun summers.

3) I love ice. Period. Not only do I want my drinks very cold but I love to crunch it. Terrible and yes, I tell patients not to do it but I can't help it! It's an addiction. I've been told it could be an iron deficiency but quite honestly, I just enjoy it and would be sad if I didn't crave it. :) It keeps me drinking lots of water - I do my best to control my ice crunching when I'm with others but I'm not always (okay, often not) successful.

4) Snakes completely freak me out. I went into hysterics when my brothers hid plastic or rubber snakes in my room. I've been known to make my husband check the bed all the way down just to make sure there are no snakes (totally weird, I know). For my kids sake, I've managed to go through the snake display at the zoo - calmly. I don't want them to have the same fear...but the day they bring a snake home might not be pretty...

5) If I could pick any job in the world (besides my current mom job :)), I would want to do recipe development in a test kitchen, write cookbooks, do menu planning, design and tasting for a one-of-a-kind restaurant, or be an HIV/Aids researcher (and relief worker) in Africa. Those are in no particular order and I am aware that snakes might be an issue for me in Africa. :)

6) I love clothes - putting together outfits, finding the perfect pants or top or shoes. However, I do not really like to shop (unless I have money and nothing specific to purchase :)). I also do not like doing hair or make-up - I would be happy to have them do themselves.

So there you have it. Let's see, I'll tag Stephanie E., Jennifer T., Micah P. and anyone else who wants to participate! Have fun!


ru4real @ Healthy Living said...

How funny about the snakes! I feel the same way, but since we moved onto this property, we've killed about a dozen snakes each year. YUCK! I had to learn to balance my fear OF them with the fear of letting them GO without knowing where I would find them next ... so I have learned to be deadly with a shovel or a BB gun which ever is closest!

Mama10EE said...

I did it! You can check it out on my blog. How fun!