Friday, October 17, 2008

Our Baby is Growing!

I can't believe Titus is 2 months old already! The time is flying by! He had his two month appointment yesterday and weighed in at a whopping 12 lbs. 2 oz and was 22 1/2 inches long. That put him in the 75th percentile in weight (up from the 25th at his first appt.) and 50th percentile in length. Overall he is doing great! He has decided he doesn't care much for his formula therefore he is not sleeping as long because he isn't eating as much so he needs to eat more frequently. That's a cycle we would like to discontinue. He is still getting up at night clearly hungry - he typically goes right back down after a bottle. It really averages only once a night - it just feels like more because 5 or 6a. is pretty early for us. :) His older brothers adore him and talk about him all the time at school. They take good care of him and do an awesome job calming him when he is crying. He loves them, too and is so happy when they talk to him and hold him. You can see some two month pictures on the boys' blog!


gayle said...

Thanks for posting on our blog. I read yours almost daily as I find encouragement in many ways as I read of your life. Thank you for upholding us in prayer. As you well know, the tentativeness of continuing with living as I try to save money (for the adoption) and it certainly, at times, seems more than just being frugal.

Chris and Gretchen said...

Wow! Asa is only 11 pounds, 7 oz. Titus is growing fast. :) We are still getting up several times a night depending on what time we go to bed. Some day we will be able to sleep again. :)

Sugar Momma said...

Happened upon your blog through Kim at Lifesong...enjoyed reading your 100 things...we have a lot of similar intersts :) Your family is just precious!

Rona's Home Page said...

They grow so fast! I'm sure I don't have to tell you to take lots of photos.
Our "Little One" is now 6"5'.
Enjoy your little ones.