Wednesday, October 08, 2008

This & That

First, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement yesterday. The past few weeks have been tough even though I wouldn't trade them for the world! I know the next few will probably be difficult too but I'm working on my own outlook and I think it's time to resort to lots of list making, prioritizing, and planning ahead. :) And here are some random things for today and a question of the day.

- I just watched one of my sons take 5 pairs of socks off his feet - not sure what the occasion was.

- Today we are tackling some cleaning and making a meal for some friends.

- Andrew won't be home until late - he has a "man gathering" to celebrate my brother's upcoming nuptials. :)

- I'm in the mood to make a pumpkin and an apple pie - we'll see if they make the priority list today.

- We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday for a preschool field trip - you can see pictures here.

- We continue to be so pleased with the school and we really like the boys' teacher.

- Tomorrow will be the first edition of Keeping Creative Kitchens!

Important question of the day:
What type of responsibilities and chores can/should be expected of 3-year-olds? I really want them to be involved in caring for our home and would love ideas about how to help them take on personal responsbility. Are they too young for a simple sticker chore chart (like making bed, putting clothes in laundry, picking up toys)?


Andrew said...

Did you notice that they at least attempted to make their beds this morning? Of course, it may be undone by now, but they tried (as you can tell by the tone, it isn't how we might do it, but I was impressed at the effort). Calvin was also working diligently to put books back on the shelves - the right way!

Alaina said...

I did! I would love for that to be daily attempt! :) Thanks for helping them!

Monica said...

I'm looking forward to Keeping Creative Kitchens. I used to be so much more intentional about this. Right now it's "Keeping a Kitchen clean enough that your feet don't stick to the floor:)"

I find that whatever job a three year old has that I need to be right there with them for supervision. often I'll have Rebekah work beside me- she folds towels and washcloths, loves to clean windows/appliances, sweeps out the van (she can reach better than me:), collect/dump/reline small trash cans.... The best part is that at this age they are so eager and excited to help.

Mama10EE said...

I think having them pick up their toys is a definitely acceptable expectation for 3 years old. I also think that getting their clothes in the hamper and taking their plates to the sink are doable items that will help you out. Perhaps they can help out with laundry by matching socks or folding wash cloths. Right now we insist our 2-year-old help pick up the toys (completely understanding that it can be overwhelming so if she just picks up all the baby dolls Mama will do the rest) and she is always wanting to "help me" with the dishes. Perhaps your guys could put the forks and spoons away from the dishwasher? I am too anal retentive for that but you might be a little more relaxed...

Andy & Angie said...

Here are the chores at our house:
Both girls take their plates to the sink. Sarah Grace lays out the placemats before each meal. Sarah Grace puts her dirty laundry in her hamper each day. Occasionally, I will also have her help with other things: folding dishtowels, hold the dustpan while I sweep into it, help loading the dishwasher. We clean up toys (multiple times a day). Right before bedtime routine, I play a loud song and all 4 of us run around cleaning up everything that we can on the 1st floor until the song ends. Sometimes I need to play 2 songs! The girls think it's fun to rush around.

Noah and Josh's Mom said...

Here is what Noah does, as you know he just turned 4.

He makes his bed, puts his dirty clothes away, takes his dishes to the sink, cleans the toys, and matches his socks. We don't do a reward sticker chart, maybe we should. He does all of them without whining, most of the time.


Paula said...

It sounds like from the other comments that you could have them doing some chores. I say Go For it Mom!