Sunday, October 05, 2008

This Crazy Week's Meals :)

Another week has come...last week was fairly successful though we weren't at home for as many meals as I thought we would be. I did create a creamy broccoli cheese soup (instead of the lentil soup) and it was hit even with my 3-year-olds. :) And the lettuce wraps were great! I made them with sausage because that's what I had and we loved them.

This week will be busy - my brother is getting married and yes, if you're keeping count, that's two siblings to get married within a month. :) Lot's of celebrating around here! Monday my sister is cooking, Tuesday is Mom's Night Out, Friday is rehearsal dinner, Saturday is the wedding, and Sunday is a family dinner. I think that leaves two nights of cooking...I will probably have my family over on Thursday since my mom is doing the cake again. :) Anyway, here's the plan for those two days and I'll probably make a pizza for Tuesday or Friday (the boys will have a sitter during the rehearsal):

Chili, Cornbread, Sauteed Rainbow Kale, Apple Salad
Pizza, Pretzels, Fruit
Corn & Potato Chowder, Bread, Crackers, Cheese, Fruit (dinner for my family)

That's it! Have a wonderful week. Thanks to Laura for hosting MPM every week!


Noah and Josh's Mom said...

You're amazing.

Cute new family photo.

Sandra said...

Great menu :)

My Menu Plan

Briana's Bargains said...

Bookmarked the broccoli soup! Looks great! :0

Christine said...

What a neat idea.