Monday, June 22, 2009

Love the 80s!

I'm taking a continued break this week but will be featuring some previously published posts which I hope you enjoy. I've had much on my mind in terms of blogging (over the last several months) and need some time to sort out my thoughts and write some serious posts that I've wanted to write for awhile.

I have such great memories of my childhood and some of them are influenced by the great decade many of us grew up in – the 80’s! Have any of you seen the show “I Love the 80’s”? I’ve only seen it once or twice but it definitely gives you that nostalgic feeling! Anyway, I just wanted to share a few things I loved (& some that I didn’t) things from the rad 80’s.

1. Jelly shoes – these had to be number 1 because truly they were the best! I had several pairs – my favorite were turquoise with a little heel. As most of you girls will remember, they always got rocks stuck in the bottom. :)
2. Jelly bracelets – goes with number 1. I don’t think there was any limit to how many you could wear at one time!
3. Charm jewelry – not the classic silver kind but the plastic ones that never made it out of the 80’s. You could buy the charms in vending machines and dime stores and probably just about anywhere. When I lost my first tooth – I picked a saliboat charm for the tooth fairy to give me.
4. Mullets – this was not something I liked but sadly, how my mom cut my hair. I’m trying to get over the trauma. :) I’m glad most of you didn’t know me then and hopefully the rest of you can’t remember. All surviving pictures should be destroyed.
5. Leg Warmers – mine were purple w/ pink hearts. How cool was I!
6. Pegged pants – we can still bring this back guys!
7. Neon colors – Wow! You didn’t need orange vests when you were riding bikes. I had several t-shirts and of course accessories!
8. T-shirt slides – so you didn’t have to tie your t-shirt to the side, you could thread it through the decorated slide. To go with #7, mine was neon yellow with neon pink, green & yellow ribbon curls that hung off it.
9. Double socks – do I even need to remind you! :)
10. Big bangs – I never had mine as high or as awesome as the other girls but that wasn’t because I didn’t try. Hairspray, curl up, hairspray, curl down, hairspray, feather (if you can get your comb through it), hairspray, hairspray, hairspray!

There are tons of other totally rad things: like New Kid’s on the Block, tv shows, other clothing & accessories, phrases… Perhaps you have some you’d like to add! I’ll close for now with happy thoughts of our beloved decade! Cowabunga dudes & dudettes!
**Originally Published April, 14, 2006 - with added picture. Is there any doubt what decade I grew up in? :)**


Mama10EE said...

Every thing you listed I kept laughing and nodding my head! Jelly shoes with rocks in the bottom....right on! I'll have to hunt up a big bangs picture..or maybe not :)

Kids Create Fun @ Creative Kids said...

How can we have so much in common with so many years apart? What were you 6? I had an loved all of those things. I had what I called a "Bi-Level" - above the ears which I accented by wearing pink bandannas tied in knots around my neck!

Andrew said...

Some of my favorite things from the 80s: parachute pants (which I loved, but never owned, sadly), break-dancing (watching, not doing - as most know, I'm not a good dancer :) and the A-Team!

BRiehl said...

Ah the memories! I saw jelly shoes at Payless the other day that were Raegan's size and I wanted to buy them for her so bad!!!! I resisted until she is old enough to appreciate jelly shoes:)