Friday, June 26, 2009

20 Things I Love

I think it's time for one of my "just-because-mushy-mom" posts (yep, that's a technical, copyrighted phrase :)). My children constantly amaze me and I pray that I don't take these years for granted. I want to enjoy every day and every moment with them. They have brought so much joy to my (well our) life. I thank God for them daily!

I love to hear my kids' say Mama (or Mony :)).
I love the spontaneous hugs that never cease to amaze me.
I love the way my boys' make me feel like the most important person in the world.
I love how they engage me in their games, make believe, songs, and books.
I love the wonderful smiles they throw my way.
I love the delighted giggles that escape.
I love their beautiful, expressive, brown eyes.
I love the way they wholeheartedly trust.
I love surprising them.
I love to teach them.
I love to see them learn.
I love to watch them peacefully sleep.
I love to see their imaginations at work.
I love to hear them pray.
I love their singing.
I love the way they live life to the fullest.
I love their boundless energy.
I love the sloppy, open-mouth kisses.
I love my boys.
I love being a Mom.

**Originally Published October 13, 2007**

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Mama10EE said...

LOVE the new blog look and your new profile picture! It looks really great.