Tuesday, June 23, 2009


There is a running joke in my family that I am origamically challenged. And it's true. I remember being given a pack of beautiful origami paper with an accompanying instruction book. I thought, "how fun!" Not fun. I couldn't make anything with my lovely paper. The most basic folds baffled me and none of my creations looked like the pictures in the book. I gave up. So everyone in my family knows that origami is not my thing and everyone gets a great deal of pleasure out of this fact.

This year, I decided that my "fun goal" would be origami. I bought a page-a-day calendar (50% off) of origami - paper and instructions. I have made it through day 4 fairly successfully though not without difficulty. I am keeping each of my projects to give my family. So far, I've folded a bird, dog head, penguin, and sled.

I will prove them wrong. I will learn to fold paper. I will conquer my origami fears. After all, I have this whole year to master this art form - okay, maybe not master. :)
**Originally Published January 4, 2007**

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Barbara D said...

Hey, favors for Margaret's wedding!!!