Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I'm happy to report that I feel like a new woman. I think I got more rest yesterday than I have in several days combined. :) My mom graciously took the boys when I called her at 6 a.m. telling her I was very ill - there was absolutely no way I could have cared from them.

Well, today marks the end of the celebration! I had such a great time thinking up giveaways and reading all the comments. I put everyone's names in bowls and had the boys draw the winners for each giveaway. And with that, we have 7 winners!

#1 - Starbucks Card - Heather L.
#2 - Dessert Cookbook - Jennifer T.
#3 - Trader Joe's Bags - Jenna N.
#4 - Book Giftcard - Jenny S.
#5 - Outdoor Cookbook - Heather S.
#6 - Art Notecards - Stephanie E.
#7 - Necklace - Ann H.

Thank you all for entering! Evidently you had a greater increase of winning if your name was Heather or anything with Jen. :) It was random, I promise! Honestly, I always wish I could give something to everyone but alas, that just isn't possible - there were a lot of entries.

Congrats to all of you and I will be getting your prizes to you in the next week! Enjoy!


Thad and Ann said...

yay, I won!! Thank-you Alania! See you in a few days. :)

Jenna said...

Hooray! How exciting... I will definitely put the bags to good use!

Mama10EE said...

Woo Hoo! I am excited I am getting that dessert cookbook. I promise to send the boys a picture of the first thing I make from it ;)

I am so glad you are feeling better and had the chance to rest.

Please also pass along to your sister to make another of those necklaces...I want one!!!

BRiehl said...

So glad to hear that you're feeling better. It's miserable to be that sick. How wonderful that Grandma came to the rescue! Thanks for all the fun this week!

Heather said...

YAY!!!! I won. ;-) I am so glad you are feeling better. . . enjoy 30 - 30's are WONDERFUL! Thank you for all the fun this last week, and I loved the spin you put on everything.

Heather L. said...

Glad you are feeling better!!! And thanks for the giveaway -- I'm very excited. :)

So, should I bring some of that cake over later? :)

Rona's Home Page said...

Congratulations winners!