Monday, March 20, 2006

Air Travel

Wow! So it’s been a long time since I last posted. We’ve been super busy…although Andrew seems to find time. ;) First of all, I need to talk about Delta airline.

Have any of you traveled Delta lately? What is up with the zones? Instead of boarding by row they are boarding by zone. You have to get out your ticket to see what zone you are in – there are different numbers of zones dependent on the size of airplane (I guess? It kinda makes sense?). Anyway, instead of the nice orderly boarding from the back to the front, you board front to back. Although, sometimes it didn’t seem there was rhyme or reason to what zone you were in. We were in row 5 which was zone 3 and row 37 which was zone 5. Go figure. It all seemed random and sometimes the back seemed to board first.

By the way, if you get an especially good deal and they won’t let you choose your seat, beware. We had seats in row 37 (or 38) and they wouldn’t let us change them in the airport. Here’s why, they are the worst airline seats in the entire world. I didn’t even know they allowed people to sit there! They were the last row, by the engine, by both lavatories, didn’t have a window, and the seats did not fully recline. We are talking the back of the plane! It was horrible. We unfortunately had these same seats both ways…so much for a great deal. Poor Andrew was so stiff afterwards and of course, we were the last to exit the plane.

Such are the joys of air travel in this age of fewer airlines, less snacks, more security (I was frisked in Indpls. for no apparent reason, yet again…this regularly happens to me), longer lines, higher prices, and bad seats. Oh well, at least you get to your destination faster!


Micah & Brad said...

Wow! Sounds like a great time :o).

Jen said...

Lains..I totally feel your pain. When Jon and I flew to Florida we were on the last row, by the bathrooms with no windows. It drove me NUTS!! If I stretched my neck I could see a sliver of window.....ahhhhhh!

Catherine said...

On one flight to or from Korea (where we lived when I was in 7th and 8th grades) our seats were in that row that backs up to the bathrooms with seats that don't recline. That was I think a 14 hour flight, and it was in the days before in flight movies. So there we were, not sleeping, being assailed by the putrescent smell of the bathrooms every 5 minutes when someone would open the door, plus we got the noise from the flushing etc. Most miserable. So I feel your pain.

So glad I'm not flying all the time anymore!

Kevin said...

Plus, the ride in the back of the plane is bumpier than in the front.

And, Lains, it's no wonder you regularly get frisked. You clearly are a highly suspicious character! ;)