Monday, March 06, 2006

Pondering a Response to This...

In the May 6, 2006 issue of Time magazine, on page 8, Hank Davis asks the following question (in response to previous cover article, “Is America Flunking Science?”): “If Americans are truly concerned about falling behind, why do they waste precious time teaching religion in science classes?”  
     In a paragraph (i.e., a normal comment-length paragraph :), how would you respond to Mr. Davis?  
     Though I’m more interested in that first question (argument), you might also include an aside on (The Rev.) Jimmy Shelbourn’s comment (same page), which likely comes from a similar camp, but with a different twist:
Why are Americans losing ground to countries like China, South Korea and India in science and technology [Feb. 13]?  Duh!  We have a scientifically illiterate President, megachurches that insist that creation is 6,000 years old and an anti-intellectual climate that casts anyone of intelligence as a suspected terrorist.  Falling behind in science?  We are falling behind in intelligence!
     Lest you think I’m too lazy to come up with my own answer, I’m working on it, and will post my response :)  
     (By the way, if you pick up the above May 6 issue, check out the ad directly across from the letters page, the one with the library check-out card.  It’s one of the most effective, eye-grabbing ads I’ve seen for a long time.  I’m sure it was expensive, but oh, so worth it, it seems to me.)


Margaret said...

An update is perhaps due? :)

Kevin & Amy said...

I think there's a difference between teaching "religion in science" and teaching that there is an alternative to the theory of evolultion. Afterall, evolution is not a fact, it's a theory. In order to give students a balanced education, they need to hear all the theories.

When only one side is presented, that's indoctrination, not education.

Intelligent design isn't so much about religion as it is about a theory (which we know is true) that states that it's impossible that this world and all that it contains happened by accident.

Kevin & Amy said...

One more thing since I was thinking about this again this morning. Humanism is a religion - it teaches that man should be worshiped (vs. God).

The theory of evolution is a tenet of the humanist religion. Why are we wasting "precious time" teaching THAT type of religion in our science classes? After all, it takes a lot of "faith" to believe that our complex bodies evolved from slime ponds.

Okay, I'm done. Interesting post, Andrew. :)