Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sushi II

I thought of just a few more things I wanted to say about sushi before putting the subject to rest. So here it goes.
  1. The seaweed is beautiful and I think it would make nice scrapbook paper.

  2. We did make sashimi (I guess) with raw tuna…I actually liked it the best.

  3. For those of you that like it, do you really have to eat it in one bite? Is it rude to not?

  4. Pickled ginger is disgusting.

  5. Do you really make an entire meal out of it? (ie. I’m going out for sushi and that’s it!)

  6. If yes to 5, how many do you eat to make it a meal?

  7. Can you make it without seaweed?

  8. How many times do you have to try it before you like it?

  9. Is there a stereotypical “sushi eater”?

  10. The cut roll is gorgeous…so many colors & textures.
That’s it for now. I’ve enjoyed this topic. Please, know that I have tried several different kinds of sushi and have tried to like it. I would really like to be cool, trendy and sophisticated but if this is the measure, I think I’ll pass. I consider myself a fairly adventerous eater and really enjoy a variety of foods...I’ve even tried raw oysters (also not a fan). Oh well, my dad & brother love sushi! I’ll leave it for them.

P.S. I’ve responded to all of the comments…check it out!


Rebecca said...

Hmm, raw oysters, wherever did you try them? Tom and I were just discussing the dangers/benefits of eating them raw or at all. I'll have to say I'm on the cooked/or not at all side of the seafood/sushi fence.

Catherine said...

I would have to side with Rebecca on the raw oyster debate. I haven't tried them, but I think I would be revolted by them slithering down my throat. I ate raw octopus once, and it was like eating a cold slimy eraser. Dried octopus tastes like very salty leather. I like to try weird foods because it's hardcore. I've never eaten alligator, to my knowledge, but I would like to try it. Maybe I'll do a post on weird foods...

Catherine said...

I got sidetracked by the oyster thing. My answers to your questions:
3. You don't have to eat it in one bite, but it falls apart if you try for two bites. Plus it's tough with chopsticks. You can make them smaller sized to be easier to eat.
5. Yes.
6. Last time I went out for sushi was when I was in Chicago for work. My coworker Debbie and I went to a sushi place for dinner. I got a cucumber salad thing and two types of sushi at 4 rolls per type (small bite sized rolls not the big ones). Debbie got soup and one big order of 6 larger sized rolls. I guess I could have eaten more, but it was expensive so I didn't.
7. Yes, but it falls apart more easily. You have to use a special kind of rice I think, I've never made that type.
8. I liked it the first time I ate it.
9. You mean like the "one eyed, long tailed, pink and purple sushi eater?"

Kevin said...

Here are my 2 cents:

3. As Catherine said, you don't have to, but sure is easier.

6. In answer to your comment on the previous post, I go out with some of my (former) work buddies. Rather than each ordering a boxed lunch, we usually order about 10 pieces of sashimi and 5 - 6 sushi rolls to split between the three of us. Oh, and we each get a bowl of miso soup, too. Mmmm.

7. I'm not a big fan of the seaweed either, but it's growing on me.

8. I didn't like it at all the first time I had it. I went to a different place, though, the second time, where it was prepared much better.

Kevin said...

As for weird foods, I'm usually game for anything at least once, as long as it is legitimately a food. For example, I could NEVER be on Fear Factor becaus of the gross stuff they have to eat. I once saw an episode where they had to eat various (raw) parts of a cow: the spinal cord, the snout, and the ear. Talk about revolting! It grosses me out just watching it.

I don't think I would go for raw oysters either. I do like fried calamari, though. Oh, and I tried rattlesnake once when we lived in San Antonio. Tastes like chicken!

Andrew & Alaina said...

Calamari is pretty good, I won't eat oysters again and would not eat raw octopus!