Thursday, March 23, 2006

Colts' Kickers

     In a rather unexpected move (though a very wise one, it seems to me), given their seeming lack of interest in free agents this year, the Colts have agreed in principle to terms with Adam Vinatieri.  It will be an interesting relationship, given that Vinatieri was the star kicker for the New England Patriots, a team that has been a constant thorn in the flesh for the Colts.  Among the more interesting facts I learned about Vinatieri is that he is a descendant not of General George Custer (no favorite of mine), as I had originally heard, but of Custer’s bandmaster (I didn’t know he had one?) and a third cousin of Evel Knievel.  Interesting connections.  Additionally, Vinatieri once caught Herschel Walker from behind and tackled him.  I understand why he hasn’t had to hear about being “just a kicker” since then.
     The irony of the overall situation is that current Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt was considered by the Patriots to take Vinatieri’s spot in New England!  I understand that the Patriots talked to Vanderjagt, but he has just been signed by the Cowboys.  I am guessing that Vanderjagt probably wasn’t too eager to go kick in the cold, outside (the Patriots don’t have a dome).  I’m actually very happy that he won’t be playing for the Patriots, who we play every year, it seems.


Josh said...

It also appears that he is a very committed believer. While with the Patriots, he was active in FCA and a "regular at the Patriots' Thursday night bible study", according the Indy Star. So that's pretty neat.

Josh said...

Btw, when did you see that Vanderjagt signed with the cowboys? I haven't seen that anywhere.