Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My "Almost" Snow Day

Yesterday it snowed. I wish I could have a do over day.

First of all, I was really hoping for a snow day…everyone in my office drives at least 20 minutes and some 1 ½ hrs. to get to work. I was getting ready for work at 6a.m. when one of my bosses called and said we were delaying until 10a.m. I felt a little crabby because I was already up and half-way ready for work. She said that there were some accidents on I-65 and I should be careful when I do come in. Great.

I went back to bed until 8:30. (Maybe that should have been my start over :)

I kept hoping my phone would ring but alas, we headed into work. Yes, I was grumbling to Andrew all the way: “Who needs their teeth cleaned today?” “Why does she think it’s a good idea to come now…it’s snowing even more.” “This is ridiculous.” “Nobody is going to show up and we will all just sit around.” “We aren’t going to make it on time.”… You get the idea.

My sweet husband said, “Honey, do you think you're mad because you wanted the day off or because you really think it’s dangerous?” Gotta love him…I guess one of us needed to be cheery.

Anyway, to further irk me, we arrive with a good 20 minutes to spare and had even stopped for gas (ruining one argument) and the roads really weren’t that bad (ruining another). As I walked into the building, a giant snowball fell from the roof and landed squarely on my head. This was too much. I had soaking wet, flat, snow encrusted hair and snow sliding down my back. I didn’t even turn around, though I’m sure the guys shoveling were laughing their heads off. I got on the elevator and who should be on it? A patient I know that works in the building. I try to make pleasant, small talk all the while fuming inside.

To top it all off, nearly all of our patients came.

The snowball was perhaps my due reward for all my complaining and yes, my husband was annoyingly right that at least half of my crabbiness was due to wanting a day off.

So much for my imagined news headline: Man Dies Trying to get Teeth Cleaned…Office Refused to Close.


Jen said...

I was mad about the snow the day before it even happened, then accepted it, and wanted like 8 inches so I wouldn't have to go into work. :)

Love the snow ball falling....too funny!

Micah & Brad said...

Wow! It's a good thing you and Jen weren't together yesterday! You could have really done some damage :o)! A little advice: Next time, just call in!