Thursday, March 30, 2006

Say What?

     My laugh for the day:  A couple of my associates were discussing the movie The Holy Grail yesterday and made some reference to canigets (sp?).  I had no idea to what they were referring or why it was so funny until they explained – canigets: pronouncing all the letters of knights.


Catherine said...

Have y'all never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail? We should watch that sometime.

"What else floats?"
"Very small rocks!"

Heh heh.

Josh said...

Don't forget cherries.

Also it's spelled "ka-nig-its". It's as if you sound out knights, but pronounce the k and every other letter as well.

Silly English ka-nig-its!

Sad fact: I have the script of the Holy Grail that was given to me by my high school English/Bible teacher.

This is a must-see-movie

Kevin said...

"Ahm not dead yet!"

"Just a flesh wound. Come back here! I'll bite your head off!"

"What is the average velocity of a southbound African swallow?"

Gotta love this movie.

Catherine said...

"How do you know she's a witch?"
"She turned me into a newt!"
"A newt?"
"Well, I got better."

I think this calls for a movie night in the near future.

Kevin said...

"Burn her, burn her!"