Saturday, September 30, 2006

And Things Are Looking Up

Today was better. We are adjusting to our new digs. Last night was a little rough on the pull-out loveseat bed. Oh well. I’m sure we will live. :) My biggest complaint is no washing machine. This afternoon I was bent over a bucket in the tub scrubbing the boys’ clothes. I pulled out one outfit and quickly realized it had been more than worn – it stunk! Even washing didn’t seem to be helping so I left it to soak and I hope it’s better. I have no idea when everything will dry - could take a couple days. :)

Patrick was delighted to see us and did not have to have a chest massage today – yeah! He really is starting to like Daddy. He actually went to him and sat on his lap a couple of times. We are thrilled! He loves to hide and play peek-a-boo with Mommy. What a happy, laid-back kid. We would never have guessed it when we first met him.

Calvin was great today! It was such a gorgeous day today that we decided to take him outside. The other family can’t go outside so we had the majority of our visit with just the three of us. It was wonderful! He was very cuddly and enjoyed playing with the fall leaves. He is enamored with his shoes but has trouble walking in them. :) It was the most relaxed time we’ve had with him since maybe the first visit. No one was around. We went inside when there was about a ½ hour left and that’s when he was grouchy again. It was just so wonderful to see him enjoying being held and loved. We are definitely going to push for more time without others around.

Our translator told us about a small store near our apartment which we checked out this afternoon. It’s great – it has all of the basic food things we need. One of the clerks even spoke some English which made our day! We think it made her day too – she seemed so pleased to be able to practice!

We had dinner with two of the families tonight at MacJohns. We had pizza and milkshakes – it was pretty good. The milkshakes are a little different than what we are used to but after a few sips you kind of forget. :) Josh & Saige and the boys walked back with us to our apartment for a quick tour and then we walked to their apartment. We discovered that we are living maybe a 3 minute walk from each other. And they have a washer which I will go and use tomorrow! Yay for laundry! So all in all, we can’t complain. :) Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

P.S. We forgot to relate one of the funniest things that happened yesterday: Andrew was “flying” Calvin all over the room, dive-bombing the ball and causing Calvin to give it mighty kicks. Calvin was squealing in delight. Suddenly, Calvin’s pants went flying across the room – they had come completely off. Both Calvin and Andrew looked very surprised. Everyone else nearly died laughing.

P.P.S. We forgot to mention that we get CNN, BBC, and EuroNews - all of which are in English - hooray for us! :)


Jeremiah said...

Glad everything is looking up! God is blessing this situation indeed. =D

The pants deal was hilarious!


steph said...

Glad to hear that yesterdays first impressions have faded some and what a blessing to be so close to Josh and Saige for the couple more days they're there!
Mom said she talked with you today.
Mom, Liz, and I made a thrift store trek today. I spent the least, is that surprising? :) It was a better day for Mom and Liz. Oh well, there's always next time and for now I'm pleased with my purchases.
Can't wait until your home!
love you.