Wednesday, September 27, 2006


We are still completely unable to access our guestbook on our website so please comment on the blog. You have no idea how much we enjoy hearing from people so please keep the notes coming.


Michelle said...

You will be in our prayers today!

Anonymous said...

Andrew & Alaina - Since you are unable to check the guestbook, here' s a copy of what we wrote in
it the day after you left!

Andrew, Alaina & Boys -

We checked your site today and I'm sure we will several times a day until your return. Sarah Grace was thrilled to see Pippi on the home page!

We are so excited to follow this journey that God has you on. From one adoptive family to another, enjoy every minute of the trip, take tons of pictures and get home soon so we can meet those babies!

P.S. In her prayers last night, Sarah Grace said "God bless Patrick. God bless Calvin." We're praying for you too!