Sunday, September 03, 2006

Of Probe-trucks

I do not tend to think about Ford Probes being high-capacity vehicles capable of carrying extensive quantities of building materials. Yet when I was at Lowe's yesterday, I saw the most amazing thing – a young man was loading three household doors, complete with frames, into the back of his Probe!

I never would have dreamed that so many doors, let alone one, would fit. Maybe he grew up in some part of the world where they think you can (based on personal experience) haul ten men, three boys, a refrigerator, two dogs, a sheep, and a load of produce in the back of a rusted out, quarter-ton pickup (sorry, no picture available).


Shannon Koons said...

Note: You guys need to find out a way on your blog to distinguish the writer. I'm guessing Alaina wouldn't post about trucks and Andrew stays away from the laundry, but still... you're confusing your reader!

Andrew & Alaina said...

Well...truth be told Andrew wrote both. He and I both do laundry...actually, he is much better at remembering to switch loads!! I'm working on it - I just forget sometimes. :) What a great husband!

We probably should distinguish or separate blogs but we kind of enjoy keeping people guessing. When we first started our blog, we actually contemplated having a write-off to see if people could figure out who was who. Sometimes I think that the more we write the more we are sounding similar. Hmmm...I must be rubbing off on him...JK!