Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Morning

Our lost suitcase has arrived!! We were ecstatic to see it circling in the baggage claim area. It was mostly the boys’ stuff…clothes & toys. We were starting to run low on outfits – we bring a new outfit and diapers to the baby houses every day. I did get one of Patrick’s outfits back today to wash - after I asked. :)

This morning we visited Patrick. He wasn’t too happy to see us. :) We decided we were going to just ignore his crying because we can both tell this is belligerent and purposeful – he is very strong willed. I stood with him for a little bit and then sat down which he did not like but was tolerating…he seemed to prefer to just watch Andrew and I interact. He still would not take anything from either of us. One of the caregivers kindly brought us some more poppy seed cookies and gave them to me to give him but he didn’t even want that. (We can really tell the caregivers are wanting everything to work!)

During our visit with Patrick, we were praying for our friends here who had pre-court at the same time and then we prayed out loud for Patrick. Before we even finished, he showed interest in my wedding band. I took it off and he started playing with it! What a quick answer to prayer! Then he played with the stacking cups, truck and another toy that was there. He laughed and smiled! We had tears in our eyes watching God confirm to us that this IS our son and however long it takes for him to know and love us, we need to persevere! He still would stop playing every once and awhile and cry – almost as if he remembered, “Oh, yeah, I’m not supposed to like this.” :) He was very ready to go back to the caregiver at the end of the visit (we think he maybe has lunch after we leave) and definitely did not want to see me anymore but this was the best visit by far! We are rejoicing today. We know we may have to repeat is all tomorrow or even regress some but we know there is hope! Please pray the weather will warm up – we both feel that a trip outside would do wonders. When we are with him, he is always listening for footsteps, doors opening/closing, and voices of caregivers, so we would like to get him away from that. Wish we could post pictures…he is a doll!

Thanks to those of you who gave 6-9 month boy donations. We ransacked the donation bag for clothes for Calvin (who is a little smaller than we expected) and will replace with something else. This was a HUGE blessing for us!!!! We hope to get him fattened up :) a little by the time we come home but for now he is in that size and size 2 diapers.

We will write more later but wanted to share God’s work this morning and through the donations.


Michael L. said...

Thanks for the posts. We feel like we are getting to know these children right along with you.

It's neat to see the Lord giving you little encouragements along the way as you reach out in love to little boys who may never have known love before. My parents went through a similar process with my sister as you are with Patrick. She resisted bonding at first, though in her case she did not even want to be held! It was hard on my folks, but the Lord has been gracious. Patrick and Calvin could not have more devoted and loving parents.

We can't wait to meet them and, when they are settled here and adjusted enough for it, to pick them up and give them some big hugs!

Know of our prayers for you, Calvin, and Patrick. Thanks for all the postings.

Tammy said...

Hello to you both! I am so excited for you both. The way you describe things over there and how the boys are acting/reacting feels like I am standing in the corner of the room watching all this unfold.

Those two boys could not have asked for better parents. You are both such kind, loving individuals. Your love for our Savior really comes through by your words in your writing.

I pray that each day Patrick and Calvin learn more and more about you and are jumping up and down with tons of energy the day that you take them out to bring your sons to their new home.

I keep praying for you and for your journey. This is a journey that you will never forget and something that you will be able to tell the children when they get older.

I got goose bumps when you were talking about how the Lord was working with Patrick. God is SO AMAZING and GOOD!

Keep posting and I will keep reading.