Monday, September 18, 2006

Odds & Ends II

We do see some unusual things here. This evening as we drove back to the hotel we passed a woman pushing what looked like a refrigerator on a cart down the street, between the parked cars and the cars on the road, oblivious to the crazy traffic. Alaina guessed that she was selling ice cream out of it. I doubted that, in part because there were no ads anywhere on the freezer. My suspicion was confirmed, it seemed, when we passed and looked back to see a cord to plug it in, so I'm sure it was off and in transit!

Speaking of crazy traffic: Alaina has already referenced the driving here. It is a little more relaxed, in terms of adherence to traffic laws, than in the States (and though we could be a little more tense, I feel very safe with our drivers); drivers think nothing of passing on a double-line no-passing zone as long as there is room for three or more cars to be on the road at the same time - and sometimes even if there is not. Somewhat surprisingly, we saw the vestiges of our first accident tonight - and it looked like it was between two cars going the same direction (or else they spun around that way).

MacJohn's - that's the name of a fast-food eatery we have visited once now. The owner aspires for it to reach the PizzaHut level, and his pizza is some of the best food we've had yet, but he has a ways to go. He hails from Egypt and seems to like to talk to Americans (we heard this from another family here, and witnessed it ourselves). He also takes pride in his ability to nearly replicate any burger you can get at McDonalds (I suspect the names are related?), though we didn't try it. But it's an interesting place, and one of the few around with a menu in English.


Jen said...

Andrew... it is good to "hear your voice" too. :) Have fun tossing Calvin into the sky.

steph said...

I'm so enjoying the updates! And glad that the suitcase arrived on schedule.

Pippi was clingy today as it was dreary weather. Tonight Elliot and I were watching "Whose Line is it Anyway" and there was a doorbell sound--Pippi was out from under the blanket in a flash and running down the stairs to bark at the frontdoor. :) Thought you might find that amusing.

Jen said...

I so enjoy reading the updates about your journey and also learning about your little boys. They sound so adorable!! Can't wait to meet them in person!! Praying for you all!!!

Rebecca said...

It's so great to hear from you guys. We can't wait to meet the boys, they sound so precious.

Micah said...

You guys are doing such a great job keeping us all up to date! It has become part of my morning routine to check in on you! We wish you could post pictures of the boys!!! We're so anxious to see them and put a face with a name. You guys are doing great, and are constantly in our prayers!