Sunday, September 03, 2006

Of Sixty-five Cents

Last week I wrote about our washing machine being on the blink.  Well, the repairman came on Friday.  It turns out the problems was sixty-five cents.  

No, that’s not who much it cost for the repair – that was significantly more.  The problem was six dimes and five pennies.  Very, very worn pennies, actually!  Several were about half the thickness and three-fourths the size of normal pennies.  

Apparently the change had fallen out of the pockets of some clothing items and became lodged in the inner workings of the machine, and caused an extra build-up of lint and string, leading to a plugged hose.  All of that prevented the machine from draining properly.  That was it!  So all that headache was due to eleven little coins!

Moral of the story: check your pockets and don’t get involved in money laundering!  It will save you money (at least two ways!) and grief.


Jeremiah said...

What a problem... -_-

Fantastic play on words!

Rachel said...

huh. isn't that interesting!
65 little cents!