Thursday, September 28, 2006

Toilet Update

By the time we went to bed last night, we had begun to think the toilet problem had worked itself out.

Alas, it had not.

The whining woke both of us early this morning (5:30 ish?). It continued through the day, but I began to suspect that it is actually the shower causing the problems / noise. As soon as the water in the shower turns on, the sounds stops. So if it continues, we may have the “peaceful” sound of running water in the background – a slow shower flow :)

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tom said...

A. & Al.,

I am so sorry for no prior comments. I can't believe how busy I've been (even working both of the last two weekends.) Very rarely does that happen. But, I just read your whole blog in an hour at work (off the clock, mind you), with only one interruption from my boss. :)

Man, I can't believe the adventure of faith that you guys are experiencing. (Hope that doesn't sound cheesy. I mean, I don't know what else to call it. It is both an adventure and such a deep exercise of faith, it seems.)

Rebecca and I are praying for you and are so looking forward to meeting your boys. I'm sure Tom Jr. and Brody will enjoy meeting and playing with Patrick and Calvin one day. :)

The love you have for these two boys is so evident! We miss you around here, but are so glad for the way God has provided so far, and, we trust, will provide.

Andrew, hang in there, man. Sounds like those little guys are warming up more and more to Dad. I bet it will just keep getting better.

Alaina, you're good at just about everything (Cooking, F-Fball drafts, Canasta, even Hold'em). Why am I the least bit suprised you are showing such amazing Mommy skills? :)

We love you guys. Take care and get home soon!

With our love and prayers,

Tom & Rebecca

P.S. Andrew - Dude, hurry up and get back. I miss our weekly ramblings on the latest in Fantasy Football. Bye weeks and Shaun Alexander's injury are killin' me this week! All I have to say is, I'm gambling with Randy Moss this week against Cleveland! But, I just have a feeling he will produce respectably with Brooks out and Walters in at QB. :) Looks like it will be a close one for you too. I just voted that you will beat those Axes. :) Go Shooters!