Saturday, October 07, 2006

Almaty - brief again

This also will be brief. We made it to Almaty – the boys did very well on the plane. Amazing what food does! :) Since being here, it has been another story. We covet your prayers as we all adjust. It’s a lot of change for the boys and Calvin is particularly sensitive to it. He is not sleeping well at all (fights sleep constantly) and has thrown numerous fits (during the day and night). We are weary. We are also very isolated – dropped off at our apartment yesterday and have heard nothing else from anyone (nobody has phone numbers for each other – we don’t even know our own). Our apartment is great though! Very modern and in a new building. We are very grateful!

So just keep praying – we are ready to be home!!! Sorry to delay reporting on the boys meeting but we think we better catch some zzz’s while we can. Miss you all. Your comments, e-mails, and prayers have really encouraged us and many times kept us going – thank you all!


Susan and Kyle said...

Hi you guys! I just found your blog, the only way I could think of to reach you, since I have never gotten your email address. We are doing alright. Sultan is much better, not sick anymore. We are having fun, but haven't heard a peep from Ida. I have her phone number, but no one else's. What is your email address? Mine for the trip is: I just write this in another comment to your blog, but for the 10-4 posting, so you won't likely see it. We are staying near the Chinese Embassy, we think, on Furmanov Street, fairly high up (the mountains are to the South, so everything up is South and going downhill is often North. We have been out & about a fair amount, separately and as a family. Do you have Marie adn Tomas's email address? So you have it, Ida' number is 416529. I have her celll, but it won't work from this phone, shae said. MAybe with our Nursat card? Can you try going wireless? I seem to have a connection.
We miss you guys! Sndn big hugs to the boys, especially to my main man, Calvin!
Bye for now,
Susan (and Kyle and Sultan)
PS, It's 10:15pm Saturday night here in Alm.

Jen said...

Yes, get some rest!! I will pray that the rest of the time goes smoothly...and that the boys will adjust!

Miss you!!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, you are in the home stretch. We will pray that the boys adjust well. Call when you get home and settled. Remember to ask driver to take you to Zoom for items.

Love ya, Ryann, Darren and Counselor

Grandma Judd said...

I was so super glad to see the message from you just now. I even checked at 4:00 this morning when Grandpa got me up. He was carrying his blanket with him, and I could not figure out what he planned to do, but he was back to sleep again very soon. Those sweet little boys have such a tremendous adjustment to make on the transition and so do their Daddy and Mommy. I keep praying that they will be happy and can come home very soon. What a happy day that will be. As you continue to "step out in faith" I know God will be with you every step of the way. Wish I could hug each of you. My love and prayers are with you constantly.
Grandma Judd

Wes and Rita Tillett said...

Alaina and Andrew,

We couldn't be more thrilled for you. Congratulations. Hang in there! Your support system continues to pray for you and will be a huge help when you come home in just a few days. May the Lord's grace continue to be with you.

I am also extremely excited that baby Toby was born on the same days as your boys were officially born into our family. Baby Toby is doing well, we have now been home for 23 hours. He is a big boy, just 3 ounces shy of 10 pounds. I can't wait for the boys to meet.

Rita and Wes and Toby

liz said...

hey guys. i know today has been challenging. you have been in my thoughts and prayers. i hope you were able to get some sleep. i love you and will continue to pray for both of you as well as for the boys' adjustment. i can't wait to see you.

Micah said...

Hang in there, guys! There's not much left now! Still praying!!!

michael l. said...

I still remember the first night after Rachel's birth. Heather and I were exhausted, but this new little baby girl was furious at being forced out of her nice, warm "nest". I had to literally pace around our tiny, Pittsburgh apartment all night long that first night, trying to keep her quiet so Heather could sleep. And as I was pacing through the hours, this tiny baby fussing in my arms, the thought kept running through my mind: "What have I gotten myself into!?"

Oh my. What a joy it is to see the little ones grow, but that doesn't lessen the pressures that go along with the fun.

We will continue to pray with you as these fellows adjust (and you adjust, as well!) I am especially praying for you for the flight coming up -- having some experience myself flying internationally with little ones! It is nice you already had a shorter 'test flight' with them....

Anyhow, praise God for the good gifts he gives -- and that he not only gives us good gifts, but he also gives us the strength to be faithful with those gifts!

We love you guys -- all four!

With our prayers,
Michael (and Heather)

P.S. We're coming down with colds in our house. That may seem like nothing compared to your adjustments, but I am really anxious that Heather remain healthy. With her other conditions, a cold is the last thing she needs to knock her out. So far, it is the kids and me that have it. Perhaps you can also pray for us, as you think of us.

steph said...

I've been thinking about you all day and am sorry to hear that life is stressful. It is all such a huge adjustment for each of you. Hang in there. God is faithful and will give you the strength to continue on.
Love and miss you! Know that you are in my prayers.

Michelle said...

Thank you for all the updates you have given us on your life and adoption process. We are all excited to see you guys. My dad even mentioned you this morning from the Pulpit in ref. to the psalm we were going to sing about making a joyful mother. Love and Prayers!!!