Monday, October 30, 2006

Water, Slides, and Costco

Our boys are troopers!  They are so great about going places, riding in the car, etc.  We are so please and impressed.  We had a busy weekend and they did really well until Sunday evening and that’s okay.  We are enjoying them tremendously and love to see their personalities developing.  

Calvin wowed us tonight by being a “big boy” and putting his face in the bath water.  It was super cute!  He was so proud of himself as he dipped his face in over and over again.  Of course, Mommy and Daddy were pretty proud too. :)  We bought him a toy today that will hopefully help him to practice walking – it’s really cool and the boys will probably fight over it.  

Patrick was adorable playing with Pippi yesterday.  He is feeling more comfortable with her and decided to play with her toy.  She did well accepting him and even tried to bring toys to him today.  He also likes to feed her his snacks – out of his hand.  Pippi is spoiled!  Patrick loves to laugh and be tickled.  He slid down the slide today at our neighbor’s house and looked a little scared but then grinned at the end.

I ventured out to Costco with the boys (& Nana) and discovered with delight that the carts are made for two kids.  That means I can go there by myself!  They did pretty well except when we had a sample of the twice-baked potato…Calvin didn’t want just a sample.  He was mad when we left the stand – especially since there were several more cups already served up.  Oh well.  


Micah said...

Yes! We have a Sam's Club card, and they also have room for 2 children! It's a little tricky with 2 in a regular cart, although Kathryn thinks it's really great to get to stand up in the big part of the cart :).

Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!!!

Jen said...

Sounds like far too much fun in one weekend :) I am so happy that the boys are being such troopers.

Great Grandma Judd said...

A message from you--that always makes me happy. Aren't those little boys entertaining? Calvin will probably be a good swimmer and be like his Uncle Wesley who loves it. The reaction between Patrick and Pippi must be real fun to watch. She has had an adjustment to make also, but I am sure she is enjoying it. Please keep us informed of the "fun" at your house. I love hearing about it always.
Love you so much,
Great Grandma Judd