Tuesday, October 24, 2006


We really have the cutest kids! I have two Calvin stories to share today and one about both of them.

The first one happened yesterday at lunch. Calvin is never a picky eater but yesterday he decided that all he wanted for lunch was peaches (I had added some crumbled banana bread to it). He thought it was the greatest and wouldn’t eat his vegetable soup (ground up of course) – he screamed and cried big crocodile tears when the peaches were gone. Every time I tried to feed him the soup, he looked at the spoon and cried harder. I didn’t want to put him down for his nap hungry so I told him he was going to talk to his Dad. I called Andrew and told him the story (all the while Calvin was crying in the background). Calvin got on the phone with Daddy (I held the phone to his ear) and immediately stopped crying. He listened and when I took the phone back he started eating his food instantly. No more tears, fits, or refusals! I was amazed since I really didn’t think it would work. It was great!

Calvin was initially more frightened by Pippi but now he is making a valiant effort to be friends with her. This morning he tried to play peek-a-boo with her and wanted to share his toys with her. She was barking at the window and he started to crawl as fast as he could to see what she was barking at, she met him half way and he talked to her – not sure what words were exchanged. :) He wanted her to lick him on the head but not the face. When she barks at him, he just looks at her like he can’t understand why she would be barking. We went upstairs to get dressed and Pippi started barking at him – his solution was to pick up her giant rope toy (almost bigger than either of them) and heave it with all his might for her. She wouldn’t play with him. I have to give props to my son who is definitely being the bigger person…one of these days Pippi will understand. In the mean time, it’s absolutely adorable to watch!

The boys are contentedly playing - kind of together. They have this Little People barn that plays music and makes sounds and they love it! They keep pushing the music button and dancing together – so cute! Their dancing consists of them moving the upper part of their body back and forth sometimes putting their arms out and occasionally bobbing their heads. Patrick actually started it but it didn’t take long before Calvin was joining in. They both really like music – and lucky for them, they have many musical toys. I think I’m going to hear that tune in my sleep now!

That’s it for this morning. They are a little happier today but still have nasty colds. Calvin woke up coughing this morning but that seems a bit better. Both are sneezing – so I’m constantly wiping noses. No fever for either one which is good. Nana is coming for a little bit – they will love that, they haven’t seen her for a few days. Life is good and motherhood is truly great.


steph said...

I shared Calvin's eating story with the woman at dinner for 6 last night (Mrs. Koons, Mrs. Enas, Rebecca) and they laughed and were amazed it worked!
I hope the boys are feeling a little better today. Maybe I'll make my way over tomorrow morning for a bit of play time.
love you all!

Kim said...

it's so good to hear how happy you guys are in your notes. and the boys sound so wonderful.

Jen said...

That is incredible. The power of Daddies :)
I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying motherhood so much. Have fun playing and sleep well.

Jen said...

ahhhh...such great stories!!!

Hey and that is so great your boys like to dance....Kathryn (Pettes) like to dance as well. We will have to crank up the music over Thanksgiving to see the kids dance. I love it!

liz said...

ummm... i love these stories.:) make sure those boys aren't forgetting about me...lol:)

Grandma Judd said...

I really loved the stories. Such fun! Andrew, you must remember what you told Calvin on the phone. You just may have to repeat that suggestion again. Stephanie just shared some of the pictures she had taken. They are so adorable. Alaina, I was so happy to see the first sentence and the last sentence of your journal entry. Of course, you really have the cutest kids. Your last sentence of "life is good and motherhood is truly great" is such a sweet thing to say. Those little boys are so blessed to have you both who care so very much for them. It must be such fun to see how the boys interact with each other and with Pippi. Watching Calvin and Patrick dancing together must be very entertaining. Please keep telling the stories. They surely brighten my day.
I do hope that you all are recovering from your colds. Do take care.
Love you so much,
Grandma Judd