Monday, October 23, 2006

Neglected?...I Think Not!

Pippi is feeling neglected lately.  In fact, she is on a hunger strike.  I’ve been lavishing as much attention on her as I can and we spend lots of time with her in the evenings but evidently it’s not good enough.  She is making it quite clear.  We aren’t sure exactly what to do.  She has been great with all the changes in our household and hasn’t had an accident in over a week which is no small miracle.  But somehow, things aren’t working from her perspective.  I would think she would be happy with all the leftovers dropped from highchairs but even that is not enough…  She practically attacks anyone who comes to our house, begging for attention.  I think she is trying to make us look bad. :)  Seriously, we give her love, we pet her, we let her sit on our laps, we give her treats, we take her outside…what more does she want?  

1 comment:

Becca said...

She wants to be your only baby, considering, she'll just have to get over it.