Friday, October 20, 2006

Of Boys and Bites

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve written!  I thought I would take a few moments to report while the boys are occupying themselves with their many toys.  They are playing together okay and unless one of them is hurting the other, we try to stay out of it.  

Last night was awesome!  We were only up once with the boys and that for only a minute!  They both slept past 7:30 this morning.  Yay – about 12 hours!  We know we can’t get too used to it but it was much needed for us after a very rough night the night before.  We went out to Starbucks after the boys went to bed for a little break/date (Nana stayed with the sleeping boys).  

In the midst of writing this, Calvin and Patrick were playing with the same toy and Calvin bit Patrick’s hand to the point of breaking the skin.  He didn’t seem the least bit remorseful even as Patrick was wailing.  Brothers!  

We had our first outing yesterday to buy groceries and a wedding gift.  The boys did great!  I’m not used to getting so much attention while I shop. :)  The lady at the deli thought they were beautiful and said I was doing a great job raising them (I smiled and said thanks – I didn’t mention they had only been mine for 2 weeks! :).  Everyone thought they were twins and I said nope, just brothers.  They will probably get that question for most of their growing up years!  Calvin is so petite compared to Patrick but when you spend time with them you can tell that Calvin is older by his developmental skills.  

We’ve really had a great week despite our exhaustion.  We are taking it easy for the next few weeks and trying to seriously limit our activities.  The boys are eating us out of house and home. :)  We were forewarned but anyone who has seen Calvin eat is in awe.  He should be gaining weight quickly!  They have their first pediatrician appointment next Friday and I feel pretty confident they will tell us that Calvin has been malnourished.  He looks a bit like a national geographic picture – bigger on the top and very, very small on the bottom half.  

The boys have their first wedding tonight…we think just the reception (I will go to the ceremony).  Our friends are getting married and graciously said the boys could come.  It’s a little too early to leave them with a sitter while they are awake.  We hope they behave but if not, we will head out early. :)  That’s it for now, other duties call.  We’ll try to keep this updated and there are lots more stories to share from this first week.  Stay tuned. :)


Susan and Kyle said...

Hi you gouy! Glad to see you are still reporting in on your blog. AI've been wondering how it's been going for you guys and for the Kolhami's.
All is well here on Cape Cod. We are having a ball wth Aultan, adn he is settling in really well. He LOVES: the beach, Daddy's truck, unlimited juice, water and food, "outside" (Outside is code ofr sitting in Daddy's truck), and about a million other loves.
He got nailed by jet lag. barlely slept a wink on the return trip- like all of us- but still is up many nights. Kyle and I are taking turns with night duty and it's getting better each day. He's talking up a storm. Its mind-boggling. We're having a ball and of course, we have relatives coming and going and we're out visiting all the time.
Anyways, glad you made it home. And all the best!
S & K

Grandma Judd said...

Oh Happy Day, there is a journal entry this morning. I am so delighted to see the news. Those little boys going to a wedding, how nice. I expect they were good little fellows and the center of attention. Isn't it great that they are eating so well? It makes you wonder if they always had all they wanted to eat each meal at the baby houses. Calvin will be gaining some weight and may catch up with Patrick. I imagine they will be real good buddies as they grow up--with some disagreements along the way. God is so good. We are so blessed to have you and those little precious boys home.
Happy Birthday to you Andrew. I left a message on the phone. Just wanted you to know that I was remembering your day. I imagine Alaina had time to decorate a cake for you.
Those little boys will keep you busy, but they will also keep you happy. What a blessing you are to each other. I will be looking for more news. God keep each of you in his tender loving care.
Love you so much,
Grandma Judd

Micah said...

Wonderful that your boys are not picky eaters!!! That is one less thing you have to worry with! Here's hoping your 1st Sunday was mostly uneventful :o). Miss you guys!!

Jen said...

I missed getting to see yous this morning. Sleep well and have a fantastic week.
I might just have to break away and come see you before these beautiful boys get any cuter :)

liz said...

i had so much fun spending time with the boys and with you guys this weekend. it's all i can do not to drive back right now and see them.:) they are so precious and adorable. i keep telling everyone about them and i cannot wait to see them again. make sure they don't forget about me!:) love you.