Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Keeping My Word :)

Well, it's getting late and I promised a post so here is a short one. On a side note, this is our 200th post on this blog (we are a couple posts away from 350 between the two blogs!).

We went back to Chicago on Sunday and Calvin spent the night in the hospital (with me) so he would be ready for surgery. He didn't have the best night - I think he had a bad dream a couple of hours after going to bed and then was very disoriented. He knew who I was and clung to me but it took me about 30 minutes to get him calmed down and another 30 minutes to get him sufficiently relaxed to go back to bed. I had a terrible night - more on that another day. :)

Our surgeon came to talk to us around 6:50 - he has just been fantastic to work with! Calvin woke up, so our day started then. :) He was taken to pre-op area around 8a.m. and we had to entertain him there until 9:20 - not an easy assignment. He was out of recovery by 10:30 and very mad! We expected this - it only lasted about a half hour. The surgeon removed the stitches, put one new stitch (dissolvable) in the area we had noticed, put arm restraints on, and inserted a nose retainer to help the cartilage form. Calvin has already blown the nose retainer out and we are not optimistic about being able to use it at all (usually this surgery is done when children are much younger so the nose thing is not a big deal). :)

We headed home around 12:45 and we couldn't even tell that Calvin had been in surgery. He was angry that we were leaving the hospital - he wanted to stay and play and watch the fish. We, however, were ready to be home. :) Calvin looks great and is doing better each day. I'm posting a couple of new pictures; the first is from yesterday and the 2nd is from today. I see changes every day!


Heather L. said...

I can't believe how quickly Calvin's face seems to have healed! (at least from the pictures) He looks great! I'm glad your trip to Chicago is behind you, and I hope this week will go well.

Stal Herz said...

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Kevin & Amy said...

Calvin does indeed look GREAT. I couldn't believe it the other day when I saw him. It's like maybe he and Patrick bonked heads or something. I would never have guessed surgery on his lip. Wow!

My World (as I see it) said...

I love your posts so much - and am enjoying watching you boys grow!