Saturday, August 25, 2007

Prayer & Yogurt

Today has been pretty good - we are so happy to have Andrew home. It's been very low-key. Calvin is lessening his pain meds which is good since he can't have them much tomorrow due to the surgery Monday.

We do have a call into the Dr. because it looks like his lip has separated a bit on the actual lip. It is not bleeding and he is not complaining about it. I'm guessing that they will just have to re-stitch on Monday but who knows. Please pray that it will not be anything serious. [Side Note: My sweet son is lying on my arm and watching Hop on Pop right now.]
Yogurt is Calvin's favorite thing and he is eating a lot of it! We've been using the Go-Gurt tubes because we can squirt them in his mouth like a syringe. This evening he ate 3 1/2 tubes (we couldn't say no - he has little pleasure in eating these days). He also ate chicken soup for those of you that are worried that yogurt is all we give him. :)

We head back to Chicago tomorrow. This week has gone fast! Calvin and I will spend the night in the hospital tomorrow night and he will have whatever needs done on Monday morning.

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