Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More of an Update

Calvin is finally asleep. You would think after going through surgery he would sleep extra but no. :) He napped for only an hour this afternoon and finally went to sleep at 10:30 tonight.
We continue to struggle with getting him to take his medicine. This is a little unusual for him but the pain medication is pretty awful smelling so I'm guessing it must taste horrible! He is doing much better about eating and drinking. He has had some yogurt and applesauce and has had milk, pedia-sure, juice, gatorade, and water. We are so thankful that he is staying hydrated.

Calvin is pretty much himself - silly, funny, and loving. He looks the same from the eyes up but from the nose down he looks quite different. His voice is completely different and it's a little weird to hear it coming from him but it's absolutely adorable! I'm sure his voice will be permanently changed but I'm not sure if this is the final version. :) I can already hear a difference in the way he says words.

I'm not sure how long the swelling will last. He also injured his eye last Friday and it makes his face look pretty beat up. :) Boys! I'm a crazy mom trying to prevent him from injuring himself post-surgery.

We will be going back to Chicago on Sunday. He will stay overnight in the hospital and then will be put under anesthesia to remove the stitches (they consider this surgery). I think his casts will also be removed then. He will remain on the liquid diet for another week or so.

Thanks for your continued prayers. Caring for Calvin is a full-time job. We are so thankful for some meals being provided! I'm not able to cook unless someone is with Calvin the whole time so basically, I haven't been able to cook at all. We are also trying to avoid eating in front of him so we are eating in shifts. Poor guy!

Patrick probably has the hardest time. He just doesn't understand why we are so busy with Calvin. This morning, I took him out to breakfast, to the park, to the library, and to pick out balloons while Andrew stayed home with Calvin. We had a great time! He is just very clingy. We are trying so hard to spend time with him and help him feel important and loved! He's being a trooper!
*The first picture was taken right after surgery and the 2nd one was taken today (he is much more swollen now then he was on Monday).


Micah & Brad said...

I can't believe how different he looks!!! He was before, and still is a VERY handsome little boy. We're so proud of him for making it through, and for you guys for being so strong through all of this. I can't wait to see him again! Still praying!

Kevin & Amy said...

What a little trooper! We're so proud of you Calvin!! We will pray that the pain is minimal and that your mommy and daddy have grace and wisdom to take care of you!

Kevin, Amy, Meredith & Clara

Kevin & Amy said...

P.S. It's funny how kids play hard no matter how sick they are (or, apparently, even after having surgery). Just look at Calvin playing with his toys!

Anonymous said...

You've got me crying Alaina. I miss him so much. He looks wonderful. Oh man I miss them so much. I can't believe how different he looks.

I miss you so much!

P.S. Tell Calvy (and Patrick) that Aunt Margaret is thinking of him, and tell him I love him lots and lots.