Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Patrick has been such a trooper through all that has been going on with Calvin. He seems to understand and has been so great about us being away. Today, he spent a lot of time playing while sitting in my lap - catching up on Mommy time (I didn't mind a bit!). He is growing and maturing daily. I have to brag on him - he is off the charts on height! We might have a basketball player - well, football if his dad has anything to say about it. :)

He desperately needs a haircut but I kind of like the long look. His hair is gorgeous - thick and dark. I took this photo tonight and love the serious expression with the killer eyes. Patrick is just a delight; he is trusting and sweet and brave.


Anonymous said...

He looks so grown-up in this picture!

Jen said...

Killer eyes is right. Watch out...you will be fighting off a line of girls within a few years. :)

So glad everything went well with Calvin.

Jenna said...

With a face like that, I'm lobbying for acting! :)

Heather said...

Love it! I agree with you - his hair is so thick and wonderful!