Friday, August 24, 2007

We're Getting There!

Today, I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel! This may having something to do with having a couple hours off last night (thanks to my hubby) and getting a decent night's sleep. :) We decided to try having Calvin sleep in the pack 'n play in our room last night and it worked very well. We had to wake him up for medicine at about 3a. and he woke up again about 5:45a. but then slept until 9:20a.! He is napping now - actually both boys are which is really nice!

Calvin's appetite has increased - he even ate 7 or 8 oz. of soup for lunch (thanks, Jennie!). He brought me goldfish crackers he found and wanted to eat but was totally okay when I told him he couldn't have them, yet - he even put them away. He has been laughing and smiling so much that I've been afraid he'll split his lip wide open. :) He still has at least one dimple - I'm so glad!

I have been amazed at Calvin's good attitude and patience. He has been a great patient overall and has been steadily improving with the things he doesn't like (i.e. taking medicine).

We are looking forward to being home all together tomorrow. It's been awhile...

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